2011 was passed with lot of memories with my friends, my FAMILIES… it’s a year that remark many hardest moments for 18.5 years of my life.Luckily, everything has been alright. Now, I’ totally full of energy to complete all plans I’ve set.

In 2012, I’ll be more hard-working to finish my cosplay plan:

– Vocaloid:

+ Megurine Luka:      Just be friends

+ Hatsune Miku:     World  is yours, original

  + Kagamine Rin/ Kagamine Len

– Toradora! :       Aisaka Taiga < more n more version: arrrrg, I love this tiny tsundere so much!!!>

– Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X

– Macross F :          Ranka Lee <more version>

– Ranma 1/2:           Shampoo

– Panty & stocking with garterbelt:           Anarchy Stocking <more version>

– Drrr!:              Anri Sonohara

– Fruit basket:        Tohru Honda

– Bakuman:               Yuriko Aoki
                                          Miho Azuki

– Kuroshitsuji:        Ciel Phantomhive

– Card captor Sakuka:        Sakura Kinomoto

– Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle :       princess Sakura

– Gintama:         Kagura

– Howl’s moving castle:         Sophie

– Princess Mononoke :         San

…….etc ( I can’t remember all characters I want to cosplay in a moment, but  I think before setting an other character in  this list, I have to finish all these :blushes:  )

Do you believe that The 2012 apocalypse exist? This bizarre idea is based on the Maya calendar,which completes a cycle on the day corresponding to our Gregorian calendar date of December 21st 2012 CE. If this day will really occur, I think I’ll have to cosplay the most luxury character in the december 21st so I can sleep  forever with a perfect appearance. That’s an interesting idea! Hahahahahhhh =))). :=D:

Btw, let’s enjoy a great new year !!! Wish you all the best :) :kiss: :blowkiss:


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